TUITO is a supplier of high end displays and video products

Launch of the CT-4320, the new C-CURVE appealing 43" UHD Wide curve DISPLAY
TUITO R&D team has collaborated with a leading medical display provider for an interactive medical display integrating button-on-glass exclusive technology
Latest generation of KVM Extender, Ultra Performant, 4K video distribution, zero latency
Launch of AS TPM 20" and 32" touch sensor and controller qualified for marine and military rugged applications
TUITO is a technology company specializing in the design and supply of innovative, stylish and performant displays, video products and components for demanding professionnals.
Desirability Adoption Performance
Best-in-class innovative CURVE displays

TUITO is offering a wide range of off-the-shelves curve displays, convex or concave, passive or touch, 21.5” up to 75”, that fulfill requirements of the most demanding professionals and provide the best experience to their users.

Touch Panel components

Based on Advanced Silicon's 18 years' experience in designing touch screen technology, TUITO is supporting Display integrators in providing hardware components based on state-of-the-art Projected Capacitive (P-CAP) based solutions tailored to its customer's needs. Display integrators are offered a set of qualified touch technology.

High performance digital KVM

High Performance KVM solutions transform a single screen into a portal to all of your computers, none of which need to be in the same physical location as the screen and input device. This allows computers to be moved to secure location thus saving space, increasing security and enabling preventative maintenance to take place behind the scenes.


Being Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing or Industry of the Future, we are set for a revolution. With the emergence of IIOT in the factories, a complete new set of machines, processes production organization and dedicated Smart display can be put together to boost manufacturing and more generally industry productivity.

    Industry is benefiting from the rugged and reliable solutions provided by TUITO, and leverage the specific buttons on glass TUITO is integrating with its touch panels for better ergonomy and multiply functions.

    The J-shape displays coupled with Touch interactivity, provides an amazing dashboard for control boards.

    TUITO's versatile range of multi-stream low-latency video encoder modules are video sensors that are adapted to high-speed vision sensing, real-time automated industrial applications.

    TUITO works with the most demanding professionals being equipment manufacturers or large systems integrators to develop the most efficient interactive solutions to optimize the performance, facilitate use and avoid errors.


Marine industry in its evolution to connected and interactive bridges or navigation/tactical tables benefits from a highly technically customized product and the broad portfolio of large screens and multi-screen set-up as well as Stylus and Buttons interaction accessories to manipulate virtual objects instances in

    an application (route navigation, navigation instrument or lighting control, entertainment, ship's monitoring systems, fleet management…). Thanks to its research and development center and in collaboration with best in class partners, TUITO can develop custom products made of complex size and shapes of glass, integrated with high brightness LCD, … to adapt to the most demanding requests from its Maritime Customers to accommodate with tough constraints from this industry (limited space, light reflection issues, …), from the most industrial and rugged type of ship to the most luxury ones.

    The J-shape displays coupled with Touch interactivity, provides an amazing dashboard for cockpits and simulators.

    TUITO's range of light, low-power, versatile video encoder module for on-board applications have seduced the most demanding manufacturers and operators of unmanned vehicles being UAVs, ground or underwater drones.


Rigorous medical environments are particularly interested in the integration of touch products adapted to their work conditions, (gloves, water, ...).
TUITO experts are working on innovative solutions to bring new natural forms of interaction.

    These new means will be essential to help the professionals have better control and more fluidity in their task without compromising the imperative of keeping the work environment safe.

    Medical equipment providers are already benefitting from TUITO's button-on-glass solutions and its set of immersive curve displays to improve user experience of medical people.

    TUITO's ultra-low latency video encoder modules are true enabler of remote surgery.

Luxury Retail and Hospitality/digital signage
Luxury Retail and Hospitality/digital signage

Its unique curved shape associated with its touch capacity offers very appealing information panels that enhance customer engagement.
J shapes attractive form factors will surely sublimate any luxury retail or hospitality experience.

    Convex form factor offers an unbeatable wide viewing angle for information display to the widest audience.

Control rooms
Control rooms

Large C-curve display shapes associated with UHD resolution are especially well-suited for immersive environments such as control rooms, where the end-user is required to visualize tremendous amount of data and draw relevant insights.

    Thanks to its small bezels TUITO 43” wide curved displays can be assembled to provide a unique ultra-wide immersive display area for operators having to deal with multiple source of information.

    The C or J shape design coupled with Touch interactivity, provide an amazing dashboard for Control and Commands consoles.

    TUITO's range of multi-stream video encoder modules, featuring real-time streaming and storage as well as a range of programmatic wake-up sequences are enabling intelligent video surveillance applications in a wide range of markets, including smart cities, harbors, factory and production sites.


Interactive collaborative Tables – Large touch tables from 49" up to 86" and enables electronic pen CoolPenTM from Advanced Silicon for the best touch reactivity on this large surface combines with the most precise and reliable pen of the market.

    Large C-curve display shapes associated with UHD resolution provides an immersive environment, fostering higher focus and productivity for very demanding professionals such as architects, CAD designers, picture/video editors, medical analysts.




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    Paris Healthcare Week - iT
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