TUITO about


A dedicated technology French based company focused on building the right products and solutions that will exceed customers' expectations.

We have built a team of experienced product managers, experienced engineers, designers, developers, and testers who are passionate about delivering compelling, value driven products and solutions. Laurent Molac and Jerome Vial, TUITO's founders, have each over 20 years of experience in the CE industry for designing, developing and commercializing devices for television services. Driving teams to excel in delivering the perfect consumer electronic device that will soon sit in the end user living room or bedroom with the most user friendly interface that will match the expectations of all family members and drive Operators business. In a highly demanding and competitive environment, no compromise was possible between a desirable hardware design and intuitive software solution.

In partnering in this new venture with Advanced Silicon, a Lausanne Based electronic design company, TUITO's Founders are leveraging on 17 years of expertise in high end ASICS design and 10 years of R&D specifically dedicated to interactive screen controllers and associated accessories. The technology developed by AS is today widely used in consumer electronics goods (2in1 PCs, Stylus) as well as numerous professionals solutions in the gaming, medical, digital signage, marine or industrial sectors.

Last but not least, if you want to join a dedicated fun team, feel free to reach out to us — we are always looking for people who are passionate and who want to help us build a great company.

Let us build the future together!