AV networks

Managed high-performance AV distribution networks (AVoIP)
Managed high-performance distribution networks
Managed high-performance distribution networks
Managed high-performance distribution networks

Modern Command&Control consoles are key components of large systems and infrastructures. TUITO IP-based high-performance KVM solutions are tailored to control multiple computers or video servers from any distance in real-time and without any latency :

  • Highest video quality (compressed or uncompressed)
  • 4K, 4096x2160 @ 60Hz, 4: 4: 4 @ 8 bits (True 4K)
  • Best latency (<5ms) on the market
  • Redundant set-up
  • Highly Reliable (24/7, 5 years warranty)

KVM switch and extension provide effective access to critical IT assets in control rooms and production environments throughout multiple industries :

  • Broadcasting
  • Post-production
  • Air traffic control
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Medical
  • E-Gaming
  • Any collaborative environments.

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Ergonomic workstation

Processing computers and servers can be located in a centralized, dedicated room, but accessible from processing stations scattered throughout the building or buildings. Workstations can be fully optimized for operators confort and productivity.

Centralizing and securing Assets
Centralize server equipment in one location, simplify maintenance and improve security. Manage content distribution rules for copy rights. Reduce drastically all IT maintenance cost by eliminating outdated machines.

Multi-user and multi-site collaboration
Ideal for collaborative work environment, create independent workstation of any locations. Dispatch on video walls, control room consoles or management desk the same uncompromised information.


The solutions provided by TUITO make it possible to dynamically set up workstations optimized for the maximum processing of information in parallel and thus increase the efficiency of operators

TUITO is here to work with your team to design and set up the best solution for your organization.